The Magnificent Playlist Producer

The Magnificent Playlist Producer

Create podcasts, mixtapes and music compilations...

The 6-Month-Long ‘Weekend Project’

I am exceptionally pleased to announce the official launch of The Magnificent Playlist Producer — a program that helps you create podcasts and mixtapes.

The inspiration to write this software came to me in May. The prolific writer and occasional podcaster, Warren Ellis, lamented that his podcast was difficult to assemble because the program he was using had many limitations and wasn't working right.

Being quite a fan of his podcast, I quickly leapt to action, looking for better software that I could recommend to him. To my surprise, there wasn't any. Seriously, if you want to join a set of individual music files into one MP3, your options are nonexistent, short of learning a professional-grade multitrack editor.

Showing lots of enthusiasm and a substantial lack of foresight, I left a comment indicating that creating a better program would be a nice weekend project. A day or two later, I started coding... and then I looked up and it was December 1st!

Playlist Producer – Playlist Screenshot

A Simple Program To Do A Simple Thing

Playlist Producer fills a fairly specific niche: Combine multiple songs into one MP3. That's it. Really! But don't let the simplicity fool you — unlike so much other Windows shareware, it's well-designed, really easy to use, and Doesn't Suck™.

The vast majority of the aforementioned 6 months of programming was spent making sure the interface is intuitive and the software is stable. I think I've succeeded, and I'm really rather proud of this little application.

Playlist Producer – Add Tracks Screenshot

Make Some Playlists

If you're interested in podcasting, or just enjoy making mixtapes for your friends, I invite you to download Playlist Producer Lite, the free shareware edition of the software. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

All the details are over at You can keep up-to-date via the Playlist Producer mailing list, which also nets you a nice discount coupon for upgrading to the Pro Edition.

Okay, that's it for the sales-pitch. I'd love to hear your feedback on the software — reach me at adam (at) playlistproducer (dot) com.

I'm off to celebrate.


Currently knee-deep in web design for a soon-to-be-announced project, and I'm easing the HTML-induced pain with some happy hardcore. Once upon a time I was an enthusiastic — if not frequent — raver. Hullabaloo was my home, the venue of several of the best nights of my youth.

Hullabaloo Ravers
Hullabaloo, circa 1998. I might actually be in this crowd somewhere...

For those not in the know, happy hardcore is “a genre of music typified by a very fast tempo (usually around 160-180 BPM), often coupled with solo vocals and sentimental lyrics” ( and Hullabaloo was a series of Toronto raves that became the global centre of the happy hardcore scene.

Feels So Right
Anabolic Frolic

Anabolic Frolic is the DJ/promoter behind the Hullabaloo parties. He also produced a few happy hardcore tracks, including Feels So Right.

Anabolic Frolic
Anabolic Frolic

Anabolic Frolic's story doesn't quite make sense until you factor in that he and his fellow frolickers are stricken with the love that dare not speak its name: happy hardcore. An aptly dubbed brand of electronic music that makes S Club 7 sound like Black Sabbath in comparison, happy hardcore's bubble-gum buoyancy makes it the black licorice of techno — those who don't like it really loathe it, but those who do like it just can't get enough.

Ryan Watson

Idea Theft

Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.

Howard H. Aiken


I would pay good money to see a new live-action Æon Flux film, starring Lady Gaga in the lead role.

Aeon Flux
Drew Gardner

It would totally rule.

Lady Gaga

We Looked At Them/Eleven Ways

Sick Muse

Since discovering Metric by hearing Gold Guns Girls in a kickin' DJ set by my former colleague Noah, I have become quite enamoured with their sound.

Fantasies has been on repeat in my stereo for a couple of weeks now, and I don't see it stopping anytime soon.

See also the Sick Muse music video, which is thoroughly smile-inducing.




Up all night. Solving computer problems/creating new ones; much watching-of-progress-bars. Using excess brainjuice to ponder:




Your Smile’s Not The Same / Anymore

Dani Siciliano

From the 2004 album Likes.... This track builds ever so slowly — by the time the groove has revealed itself you've been surrounded by it; enveloped and mesmerized with its haunting vocal repetition.

I could live inside that groove all day.

From Unpromising Beginnings

If you walk around with the idea that there are some people who are so gifted – they have these wonderful things in their head but you're not one of them, you're just a normal sort of person, you could never do anything like that – then you live a different kind of life. You could have another kind of life, where you say, well, I know that things come from nothing very much and start from unpromising beginnings. And I'm an unpromising beginning, and I could start something.

Brian Eno
via Geeta Dayal, via Matt Jones, via Warren Ellis


Technology is a transmission vector through time. Humanity is carried upon it, from fire-building past to atomic-powered present to unforeseeable future. A spreading infection in the chronology of the universe.



I'm a few seasons off the mark here, but I've been going through my archive of unprocessed digital negatives and found some nice shots of Stewart Park taken back in autumn 2008.

Good Morning

once again i have failed to die quietly in the night

Warren Ellis

Hamlet For Coders

short a3s1 = 0x2B | ~0x2B;

Say What Now?!

January 1, 2010


I have been saving
all the silent letters
from the words I speak
like “aught”
and “pseudonym”

when my life’s work is done
I will go to the top shelf and
retrieve the box
in which they are stored
and open it

and pronounce them
all at once


The Mission

Formerly posted in May under the (accurate, though unimaginative) title “Ambiguous Plot,” this revision began purely as an exercise to get the story down to 100 words or less.

It surprised me to see the story becoming stronger the more I cut out of it, though I'm sure this would have been obvious to me if I ever did more than one creative writing exercise per year.

Anyhow, here it is, clocking in at exactly one hundred words.

(Don't be surprised if this is not the final version I subject you to. In fact, I'm mulling over the potential of transforming this piece into some sort of semi-interactive multimedia storybook/poem/film hybrid.)

The lamp turned green and I stopped.
Red now, start again.

I abandoned her to her complacency.
Thirteen months onward, four lifeless worlds apart, ninety-seven seconds and I'll be dead.

“It'll be your undoing,” she warned, unclear if she meant the mission or leaving her.

The search was, at first, promising. But days became weeks and progress slowed. Five months in we bottomed out.

The lamp turned green and I shifted uncomfortably.
Unwanted moments.

“I had a dream about it,” she sighed.
She did this often. I feigned concern.

Red now, that's better.
My final breath.

Far away, she wept.


HER! (Girl vs Pig)

Her Blackout

HER! (Girl vs Pig)

Untitled (October 10 2009)

a note to the interwebs

Trip-Hop Goodness: Baxter

I Can't See Why

Groove out like it's 1998.

Untitled (June 26 2009)

basking in the ambiguity of it all

Brian Orndorf

Samus Aran

Stunningly awesome collectible figure of Samus Aran by First4Figures.

Zero Suit Samus
indirectly via Boing Boing Offworld


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8bit Rock N' Rave

Bit Shifter – Rough Weather, Blip Festival 2007
Bit Shifter via Offworld

Not everyone's cup of tea, but this video of chiptune artist and 8bitpeoples label head Bit Shifter (aka Joshua Davis) is the most fun I've seen in a while.

Composite Image: Bit Shifter @ Blip Festival 2007

Bit Shifter explores high-energy, low-bit music composed and performed on a Nintendo Game Boy. The result is an unapologetically fun foray into an evocative and distinctive soundset, executed on a console generally misperceived as being technically limited.

Bit Shifter Bio,

Yes, that entire performance was done live, on a Game Boy.

Background @ Wikipedia:

Ambiguous Plot

Modified from "Spaceman Says Hi" by steeev

The light turned green and I stopped.

Red now, start again.

I abandoned her to her complacency. Thirteen months onward, four lifeless worlds apart, ninety-seven seconds and I'll be dead.

“It will be your undoing,” she'd told me at every opportunity, though it was never clear if she meant the mission or my leaving her.

At first the search was promising. No useful solutions, of course, but strong indications that we were close. Days became weeks and our progress slowed. Five months in we bottomed out. Nothing else to try, no Plan B, no more chances.

The light turned green and I shifted uncomfortably.

Unwanted moments.

“I had a dream about it.” She was always doing this. “It worked, but you came back... wrong.” She sighed. I feigned concern.

No guilt then, not much now. It'd be nice to get this over with.

Red now, that's better.

My final breath.

And then the light turned blue.

August 2008

Our Hero

Our Hero

On the topic of CBC goodness, allow me to direct your attention to Our Hero, an award-winning Canadian teen sitcom from back in 2000.

Just discovered this one through a reference on Wikipedia's article on Zines (via an article on self-publishing via an article on minicomics).

Our Hero

Nobody slept that night. Mom started smoking again, Ethan watched all the late night comedy shows and yelled “I could do that!” over and over, and I wrote....

I just dumped everything I'd been thinking, everything I could never say to my family, right out of my brain. And I cut and pasted it all together, with postcard and magazine bits and crappy little drawings that make me laugh. And in the end I had a zine, starring me, our hero.

Six pages, stapled, that I could copy and give to my friends; that I could mail away to other zine writers all over the world.... Secrets, for strangers. And once I'd done that, I felt in control for the first time, maybe ever.

Our Hero: The Imperfect Issue

Zine: (1) A wee independent publication made purely out of passion. (2) Zines are either snail-mailed, sold in the "pulsing underground press centers" of music or book stores for cheapcheap, given away at clubs or just traded for other zines

Cara Pifko as Kale Stiglic

Cara Pifko stars as Kale, the “kinda thoughtful, kinda goofy” highschooler who “likes to think her stupid, loser life brings humour and comfort to others” (character synopsis).

What caught my attention with this one (aside from Pifko's adorable grin) was the unusually original premise (young female zine writer), backed up by strong writing and authentic characterisation. Hints of Veronica Mars in that respect, minus the detective-genre setup.

Editor's Note: Our Hero — The Imperfect Issue, wherein the alarming details of our hero's life are reported for the amusement of others... and the catharsis of me.

Our Hero: The Imperfect Issue

Our Hero

Back in '06 the production company was kind enough to run a video podcast, and segments three through nine contain the entire first episode of the show. They're also offering all 26 episodes of the series on DVD.

Our Hero

More at
This one's going on my wishlist.

In the Whitefeather Forest

Pikangikum Education Authority

In the Whitefeather Forest
Naomi Rogers on Outfront, CBC Radio One

Substance abuse, violence and suicide. Ontario's version of Davis Inlet. That's how the media usually portrays the isolated northern Ontario reserve of Pikangikum First Nation. But Naomi Rogers has spent the last three summers working with young people there and sees it very differently. In this rare portrait, Naomi challenges stereotypes and paints a picture of strength and hope.

In the Whitefeather Forest Synopsis

Untitled (May 11 2009)

Mo Faia
Laura Pardo

Epochal Orgy Of Fraud

The idea that anything Obama can do will damage the alleged “legitimacy” of corporate bonds after the epochal orgy of fraud we've witnessed over the last 30 years in corporate America is on the level of claiming that the parrot isn't dead, it's just sleeping. Please. Wake up, folks. Capitalism has discredited itself at a basic level.

Anonymous BoingBoing commenter
The Economist Gets Something Right

Random Discoveries: Flickr Volume 3

Nicolas Valentin

Christian Gendron

Climb On
Cam B.

Random Discoveries: More From Flickr

Blue Bear is so blue.

Green on Green


Ceci n’est pas un polaroïd.

Ceci n'est pas un polaroïd.

Miss Dior Chérie

TV spot for Miss Dior perfume by the inimitable Sofia Coppola.

Miss Dior Chérie – TV Spot
via Constant Siege

See Also

Wind Waker Unplugged

Wind Waker Unplugged
Fredrik Larsson via Offworld

I was drawn into an sheer state of awe at what I saw; A single person playing and singing nearly 20 musical parts, compiled into a single stunning video. It was a theme that I was very familiar with, and one that had always been one of my personal favorites. It was the main theme to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, unplugged.

Random Discoveries: Flickr Edition

The red balloon diaries *3


The town that invented the yo-yo

Dotter Dotter

Super Mario Galaxy

Rock In Japan

Dotter Dotter via Offworld


Why does “awesome” mean good while “awful” means bad?

As far as I can tell, they both imply having the property of awe....


Finally got around to adding a proper archives page to the site, browsable by month or year.


Forest Nymph, Café

Forest Nymph


This Empty Love

InnerPartySystem – This Empty Love
InnerPartySystem via The Reverse Cowgirl

Featuring Stoya (NSFW).

...And More Of This As Well

Suspicious Minds
Phil Poynter

The World Needs More Of This Sort Of Thing

Live PuppyCam!
Live PuppyCam!


Riki Lindhome & Michelle Lombardo — Girltrash! Publicity Still


GIRLTRASH! is the story of three hapless chicks getting by any way they can. Tyler and Daisy are small-time criminals and best buds. Their friendship is put to the test when Tyler is seduced by the two-timing temptress, LouAnne. When LouAnne double-crosses Tyler and Daisy by stealing money from the local Kingpin, Tyler and Daisy are thrown into a world of shit. They need to find the money and LouAnne before they turn up dead... or worse.

Girltrash! Synopsis

Girltrash! Publicity Still

Charming little web series by Angela Robinson (occasional writer/producer/director for The L Word). Unfortunately seems to be on indefinite hiatus — an all too common fate for these made-for-web shows.

Stars Lisa Rieffel, Riki Lindhome and Michelle Lombardo, the last of whom you may recognise from the similarly-truncated web series Quarterlife. The adorable Amber Benson (of Buffy fame) makes an appearance near the end, and will presumably have more screentime if additional episodes are ever released.

Michelle Lombardo — Girltrash! Publicity Still

Stylistically campy lofi action, with a generous helping of grrl-power. I'm hoping we'll get to see more of this, but with over a year since the last update, I'm not holding my breath.

Riki Lindhome & Michelle Lombardo — Girltrash! Publicity Still

There's a trailer, a blog, and the main website where you can check out the nine available webisodes plus a bit of behind-the-scenes material.

µShowdown: Hulk (2003) versus The Incredible Hulk (2008)


Hulk (2003)

Hulk (2003)

Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher with a tragic past, suffers an accident that causes him to transform into a raging green monster when he gets angry.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Fugitive Dr. Bruce Banner must utilize the genetic accident that transforms him into a giant, rampaging hulk to stop a former soldier that purposely becomes an even more dangerous version.


As much as I love Edward Norton, Eric Bana gave a much more nuanced portrayal of Bruce Banner.

As cute as Liv Tyler is, she doesn't hold a candle to Jennifer Connelly's Betty Ross.

While — on first viewing — I thought Ang Lee's Hulk could have been thirty or forty minutes shorter, it grew on me after multiple viewings and ultimately blows Louis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk out of the water.

Relatable characterisation, more engaging plot, solid cast and incredible editing all contribute to the superiority of Ang Lee's Hulk over its more recent successor.

In truth, I was bored while watching the newest addition to the franchise, and hope they can get their act together for the inevitable third attempt.

“Try Humor”

Try Humor
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan is a maze game set in an entirely white world and you use a gun that shoots black paint balls to navigate your way around.

Jason Kottke
via Constant Siege

Check out the video. Incredible.

EARWORMS and Other Great Quotes

wow, TWO songs stuck in my head at once, battling for supreme hilarity of the day.


commenting on a Boing Boing post

There's plenty of other jobs in life to excel at — some are even more rewarding, like being a Porn Producer, or feeding the poor.

Chris Reccardi
on being a storyboard artist

I'm a pimp.
And pimps don't commit suicide.

Dwayne Johnson as Boxer Santaros
Southland Tales (2006)





Lonely Ballots

The estimated voter turnout for yesterday's Canadian Federal Election was 58.3%.

Allow me to ask the remaining 14 million of my fellow Canadians:
What the hell is wrong with you people?!

That is all.

English Epiphanies

I am occasionally astounded by the sudden revelation of random word relationships which, in retrospect, should have been perfectly obvious.

Today's example:
abysmal is derived from abyss.

Addendum: It didn't always mean "extremely bad".

Mod Art

Scooterman 2


Chris Reccardi via BoingBoing


Unidentified Sculpture
via Constant Seige

µPreview: Bitch Slap


Bitch Slap follows three bad girls as they arrive at a remote desert hideaway to extort massive booty from a ruthless underworld kingpin. Things quickly spin out of control as allegiances change, truths are revealed and other criminals arrive for the score.

Bitch Slap (2009)
Bitch Slap


Looks like it's trying to out-grindhouse Grindhouse.
Looks like it might succeed.

The trailer is over-the-top in a trying-too-hard-to-be-over-the-top kind of way, but that's to be expected for a project like this.

Hits US theatres in January, though it might be a limited release.

Jessica Alba In Bondage

Only You Can Silence Yourself

µReview: August


August (2008)

Two brothers, ambitious dot-com entrepreneurs, attempt to keep their company afloat as the stock market begins to collapse in August 2001, one month prior to the 9/11 attacks.


Caught this one last night, was surprised to find it lacked anything resembling a plot.

Cinematography was good, music/score was excellent, acting was solid, but it played out like the lobotomised second act of a dull TV episode. was better, and, well, true.

Well, At Least I Have A Great Story To Tell My Plant

Well, At Least I Have A Great Story To Tell My Plant

How to Do What You Love

What a recipe for alienation.

By the time they reach an age to think about what they'd like to do, most kids have been thoroughly misled about the idea of loving one's work. School has trained them to regard work as an unpleasant duty. Having a job is said to be even more onerous than schoolwork. And yet all the adults claim to like what they do.

You can't blame kids for thinking, “I am not like these people; I am not suited to this world.”

Paul Graham
How to Do What You Love

Untitled (August 19 2008)

Genetically engineered meat gains sentience, and becomes a pop star.

Charlie Jane Anders, io9
via Fimoculous
20 Things That Should Be Their Own Genres (But Aren't)

Zoetica Ebb is my Goddess

Stratosphere Messenger

Zo's one of the sharp women behind Coilhouse, the alt.culture group blog....

She may fuck you up for looking at her. You will like it.

Melissa Gira Grant, Valleywag

More Zo




Zoetica Ebb

The Last Reef

The Last Reef

After word got out, every disaffected nut or neurotic within walking distance wanted to throw his or her self into the Reef, hoping to be transfigured, hoping to become something better than what they were. Some emergents reported visions of former times and places, of great insight and enlightenment. Others came out as drooling idiots, their brains wiped of knowledge and experience. Some came out fused together; others were splintered into clouds of tiny animals.

No two incidents were exactly alike.

Gareth L. Powell, Elastic Press
via Warren Ellis
The Last Reef

Parisian Electrocrunk: Uffie


Uffie: “The Paris scene, there is something about all their style that is really incredible. Even if you're dead, you get up and dance.”

David Day, The Boston Phoenix
Ready To Fluff

In contrast to the rather controlled German techno crowd, the shows are more akin to a wild French houseparty with DJ's like Justice, Busy P and Oizo climbing over each other to throw a record on.

Richard Chinn, Resident Advisor
Sonar 2006 Prologues: Uffie

Is Uffie the official pin-up girl of the French electro movement?

Jerm, InTheMix
Uffie: Electro's Pint-Sized Pinup Girl

Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (L.A. Riots Remix)
Justice feat. Uffie


Irene Müller

Teatime at the Antarctic Excavation

Teatime at the Antarctic Excavation

I miss rain, frankly. And noise. I miss black, glistening nights in breathy cities; I miss the undulations of power lines beyond an accelerating car. I miss tea that stays warm for more than a few gulps. I miss tea that doesn't crystallize.

Sure, I signed up for it. We all did. Brownlee brought in the contract one day and sat down with us, earnestly propping his elbows on his knees and underlining words like "compensation", and "retirement", and "phonesex".

Eliza Gauger, Ectoplasmosis!
Teatime at the Antarctic Excavation

On Lost Highway

Lost Highway (1997)

There's a very specific anxiety in David Lynch's Lost Highway that turns some people off which isn't present in Mulholland Drive or Inland Empire. It's pensive male anxiety, and for some cultural reason it's easier for audiences to accept female hysteria than the insecurities of men.

Jeremiah Kipp, Slant Magazine
Lost Highway Review

The Chocolate Donut

The Chocolate Donut
Fred Einaudi


We now have an RSS Feed available.

Secret Floor

Secret Floor

Best of the Saturday Night Open Mic

3106.17 overriding thought was, "Shit, this is the perfect science fiction movie."

Which is brilliant, since there's no science fiction in it. Which just reveals how peripheral the idea of fictional science is to science fiction.


Restaurants have always struck me as something of a reverse religious experience. You sit on your high chair, and grumble your almighty wishes, "sacrifice unto me your finest calf, drowned in honey and milk" you might say, and the waitstaff sashay around in supplication, asking if you are happy, are you pleased with their service, what can they do for you.


this time next year i would like to be thirty pounds lighter, four hundred packs of kools lovelier, and would like, just once, for someone to acknowledge me as a genius, even if it's so incredibly sarcastic as to be immediately invalid.

Untitled (July 27 2008)

Ultraminimalism is the new black.

Welcome to my rebooted weblog/homepage/photodump, built by hand in 24 hours. Uses standard XHTML+CSS on a LAMP platform, hosted by 1and1.

No comments, no navigation, no friends lists.
I am reachable via radioguy (at) jargon (dot) ca.

Headphones 1 and 2

Headphones 1

Headphones 2

Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?

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